Customer Success & Coronavirus

Many CS professionals are not prepared to quickly adjust their operations and help their customers respond to emergencies, such as the current Coronavirus situation. 

This page serves as a hub for sharing and collecting resources to help customer success professionals. It enables you to better support your customers, companies, and communities during the current global Coronavirus emergency. You will find:

  • Free "Quick Start Guide" for how CS teams can handle this emergency
  • Expert Panel Virtual Meeting Replay
  • Links to other useful resources
  • More resources coming soon...

Updates Coming! 

  • Please help! If you have resources, tools, suggestions and best practices that you would like to share with the CS community, please contact us and contribute them. We will collect, curate and consolitate materials and share them with the large CS community. 
  • Please share this site and resources with others in the CS community. Our goal is to help as many people as possible address this emergency.

Download the free "Customer Success Emergency - Quick Start Guide"

CS Emergency - Quick Start Guide

This guide contains over 100 key questions and recommendations to help you assist your customers during an emergency.

It includes tips for:

  • preparing for an emergency
  • managing operations during an emergency
  • transition back to normal operations after an emergency
Get the Free Quick Start Guide

Watch the Replay: CS Emergeny - Panel Discussion 

Monday, March 9, 2020 @ 12:00pm EDT

Watch this customer success expert panel discussion to help identify what CS professionals can do during an emergency. 

The panel shares recommendations regarding:

  • What disruptions to normal business operations are customers facing due to the Coronavirus?
  • How will this impact their normal usage of our products and services?
  • How to identify if your product can help them during this emergency?
  • What should you do to prepare your customers for possible disruptions to their business?
  • How can you help customers who are currently impacted by the Coronavirus?
  • What steps should you take after the emergency is over?

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